What To Wear

Planning clothing for your session is the biggest part of your session! It is what makes a picture stand out and go from blah to a fabulous work of art. I love helping clients pick out outfits, and I know what will look great photographed. I love sitting down with clients and planning outfits and themes to make the perfect shoot. When it comes to clothes I like to layer and have your children dressed in a little different, vintage look. My mixing and matching is part of what makes my photos unique and sets them apart from anyone else. Accessories can make or break a picture, so bring as many as you’d like! Most people are drawn to my work through the classy and fun, colorful inspired unique look. So to achieve the look that draws you in it will take a little planning and I’m here to help you along the way. You will look back on these pictures forever, so lets make them a work of art!

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