Little Moments

I had the privilege of photographing this cute little miracle baby the other week. Looking at her now, you’d never guess that she could fit into the palm of your hand 7 months ago!

Life is full of gifts, challenges, surprises, and miracles.

Aumtumn & These Kids

There’s just something so fresh and clean about autumn. The leaves changing color, sipping hot cocoa from a mug, the crisp and chilly air, breaking out my boot collection…I can go on!

Another thing I have to share: I. Love. My. JOB!

Getting to whip out my camera to take pictures of cute kids on a gorgeous autumn day? I’ll take that any day.

These pictures speak for themselves. If Zara Kids was looking for children models, I’d send in these pictures as proof that these kids have the spunk and natural way of posing. Seriously. My job was like 90% taken care of thanks to these kids!

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Welcome to my humble abode…

This has been a project of mine in the making for quite some time already. I’ve always wanted a website of my own, something that said “THIS is Rivka Lifshitz’s!”, and although I loved having a blogspot account, it just felt, well…like this was the next step in my life. I’m grateful to have a husband who is a computer and tech savvy genius to build this up for me , cuz quite frankly I would have NEVER gotten around to inputting this and that data to that host and domain….Ha. I’m basically throwing words out there as if I know what they mean!

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