Welcome to my humble abode…

This has been a project of mine in the making for quite some time already. I’ve always wanted a website of my own, something that said “THIS is Rivka Lifshitz’s!”, and although I loved having a blogspot account, it just felt, well…like this was the next step in my life. I’m grateful to have a husband who is a computer and tech savvy genius to build this up for me , cuz quite frankly I would have NEVER gotten around to inputting this and that data to that host and domain….Ha. I’m basically throwing words out there as if I know what they mean!

Now, let’s talk about what I DO know 🙂 I know that I am so grateful to have my job. To look forward to capturing the sheer beauty in life, I love focusing on the happiness and color and light. It’s not a job–it’s a passion that I simply made into an amazing business.

I hope you enjoy this section of my website where I will ramble and post photos of my recent work. If you love what you see, please say so and comment! I love hearing feedback and I love knowing you stopped by!

Sit back, grab a coffee, put on some music, and enjoy 🙂

The Modern Day Toddler

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